Manufacture caliber MT5602-U by Kennish only displays hours, minutes and seconds. Although the functions are simple, the performance is superior as it has been certified as a Master Chronometer. The movement is laser-engraved with a unique radial pattern.fake watches Other than that, there is nothing to discuss about the finish of the movement. Tudor's mindset to be faithful to the internal stability is conveyed. The openworked rotor with a sandblasted surface is made of tungsten. A free sprung balance is connected to the balance bridge to ensure excellent movement. A silicon balance spring is used for excellent anti-magnetic properties. The power reserve is 70 hours, so even if you take off the watch on the weekend, you can wear it right away on Monday. The frequency per hour is 28,800 vph (4 Hz).
Tudor Black Bay is priced at 5.77 million won for the three-row stainless steel bracelet model, 5.91 million won for the Jubilee bracelet model, and 5.49 million won for the rubber strap model.
It was in 1954 that Tudor created his first diver's watch. Tudor devoted himself to diver's watch development while supplying diver's watches to the French Navy's Underwater Research Group (Groupement d'Étude et de Recherches Sous-Marines, G.E.R.S.) and the US Navy. Oyster Prince Submariner Ref. delivered to G.E.R.S. The 7922 was a diver's watch that was waterproof to a depth of 100m. Since then, Tudor has raised the waterproof performance to 200m, the Oyster Prince Submariner “Big Crown” Ref. 7924 and other watches were produced, and he was active in the field of diver's watch. The Black Bay 54 is a Ref. This product was produced with the meaning of commemorating 7922.
The diameter of the stainless steel case is 37 mm. It's a size that will welcome you with open arms if you're tired of big watches, or if you're a fan of or enjoy vintage watches. The thickness is 11.24mm,replica watches so you can feel comfortable wearing it. The sides and corners of the case are polished while the rest of the case is subduedly brushed. The black aluminum bezel insert is engraved with 10-minute Arabic numerals and 5-minute bar indexes, but the Ref. Like 7922, the minute-by-minute index was omitted. The bezel only rotates counterclockwise. The grooves on the edge of the bezel are Ref. A modern reinterpretation of the design of the 7922, it has an unusual shape even within the Black Bay collection. Ref. Because it inherited the characteristics of the 7922. The crown engraved with a rose has also been proportioned according to the size of the case. Water resistance is 200m, which is sufficient for a diver's watch.
The brushed, rivet-style three-row stainless steel bracelet adds a distinctive touch. I can match a lighter, lighter rubber strap. All have T-Fit clasps that allow for fine adjustment.